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Employee Termination Checklist

Employee termination checklist is needed by a company in case of employees have to leave the organization. There are mainly two types of reason why a worker has to stop the contract of employment with your company. They are good and bad reasons. He or she may get a better opportunity, retire, take advanced education or find a dream job. Otherwise, the real excuse why he is terminated is the lack of positive reports on his attendance, performance and experience.

Termination Checklist

Regardless to the actual reason on the employee termination, complete documentation is required to keep a record of this process. The supervisor or manager will need to provide the termination checklist as an integral part of organization’s documentation. It is usually made in Microsoft Word with two main parts. The first one is to record the information related to the employee’s occupation is filled. The second part is to list the company’s stuff handed to the worker at his initial orientation has to be returned.

The termination checklist is used by the Human Resources management to address and follow up any issue related to the firing process effectively. There are 6 matters to be included, i.e.:

  • Exit interview to get information from the employee before leaving the organization. It is beneficial to find out the experience from the worker’s perspective and get the clue how to increase the retention among of the existing employees.
  • Take back the stuff used as part of the employee’s job that belongs to the company.
  • Use the assistance of IT professional to cancel the employee’s access to the company‘s computer and communication system.
  • Cancel any benefit associated with the employment. If he decides to keep getting the advantage of COBRA, the manager is able to ask the employee to sign up and inform his responsibility towards the premium payment.
  • Calculate the final hours and provide the full payment including PTO hours and unpaid vacation.
  • Hold farewell party to show appreciation to the employee’s contributions. This kind of event can be much meaningful for the remaining workers since they know how big company’s concern to their people.

In the term of firing, the situation can be so much difficult. Even if one or more employees have good performance in the organization, you may still have to terminate them from your company due the business downturn. When this kind of condition happens, the HR manager should not make the decision in hurry. Make sure also to avoid these following mistakes in termination:

  • You give no explanation to the departing employee
  • You do not consider giving precedent to the remaining employees about the good termination process
  • You do not treat the terminating employees well
  • You do not really take an action in firing and keep the poor performer in the organization

Each company has different form of checklist in terminating the employees. It depends on how the organization is operated. If you never fire anyone before, you can download the sample of employee termination checklist that is available online.


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