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New Employee Orientation Checklist

An orientation checklist is one of essential documents needed during the transition process of a new employee, regardless his age and position. It is created to make sure that all essential information is shared and communicated well during the initial days or weeks on the job. On the moment of orientation or also called as induction, the freshmen are introduced to the organization, supervisors, workmates, jobs and work areas. It is usually done along with the training phase.

Orientation ChecklistThere is always beginning for everything. Entering a new workplace at the first time can be both exciting and challenging. It is important to employers providing the comfortable atmosphere during the employee orientation or employee on-boarding time. Instead of showing a kind of intimidation to the freshmen, the company should help the new workers learning more about their role and the culture as well as value in the organization. Since there is a lot of information to share, the orientation process usually takes few days or even weeks. It is considered to be successful, if:

  • It reduces the employee’s anxiety.
  • It shares the relevant information about the company and start the orientation process by introduction the organization’s mission and work.
  • It socializes the organization’s culture.
  • It builds good relationship between the new worker with everyone in the company including the workmates and supervisors.

To get all those purposes achieved, the orientation program has to be prepared well. Here are some tips how to optimize the use of orientation checklist:

  • Plan to design the process, not only scheduling the time of this event
  • Create a positive impression by considering the experience from the perspective of new employees
  • Put aside the paperwork from the new employees on their first few days of work. Otherwise, introduce them with the organization’s culture with more friendly way like making conversations when taking them in tour.
  • Design the orientation process in more personal and meaningful way by considering each new hire’ needs.

It takes time for a new employee to adapt himself or herself with the strange working environment. The employer has to understand this situation and provide a briefing session to help the freshman. This moment is not only used to introduce more about the company, but also let the new worker find out what his or her responsibilities are. Usually, all of the information about the job descriptions is written in the employment handbook. But to make sure that the inducing process runs well, the company also makes orientation checklist to monitor the freshmen’ transition.

This type of document is usually made in form of Microsoft Template, allowing the employer to simply print some. It also lists the items that the employees can have or borrow from the company. In other words, the checklist provides all information about the company’s resources to provide and rules that that the workers have to obey.

If you need the sample, you can easily find the template to download at no cost. Feel free to customize the orientation checklist and ensure that each item is handed to the right employee.


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