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Scholarship Award Certificate

Scholarship award certificate is defined as financial aid kind of award for s bright student to further education like college. It is a huge thing especially when you find your cannot overcome the financial problems. It is also understandable that the education cost would cost us an arm and leg. Therefore, an existence of any scholarship would be such help in realizing a kid’s dream in chasing knowledge. However, it is only a bright and smart student that can pass the requirements. Yes, a scholarship certificate is indeed coming with a lot of requirements that must be fulfilled by anyone who wants to taste the joy of it. Some criteria are applied to make this scholarship more challenging. If one does not try his best, it may help rising up another’s hope in obtaining this scholarship award certificate.

Scholarship Award Certificate

These various criteria are applied to all of the applicants who also want to get one. It usually reflects the purposes and values from the award’s founder or scholarship’s giver. There are some types of scholarships, and they are;

  1. Need-based which is based on the student or family’s financial record. The applicants are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so that they can get what they need.
  2. Merit-based is kind of scholarship which is based on students’ artistic, athletic, academic and extracurricular achievements. Their achievements are recorded and tracked down.
  3. Student-specific is kind of scholarship certificate whose awards are presented following their race, gender, family, religion, medical history or other specific factors.
  4. Career-specific is a scholarship which is awarded by a university to some students who want to pursue specific fields of study. This is the most generous award which is given to students pursuing their careers in high-need areas like nursing and education.
  5. Last is the college-specific scholarship, which is offered by some universities. They give their scholarships to those high-qualified applicants. It is based on the basis of academic and also, indeed, some personal achievements. This scholarship offers the winner a full-ride to the college or maybe a reduced rate for the tuition fees from certain universities.

And this is the example of scholarship award certificate that can be downloaded and printed out. As for the layout of this certificate, it is usually on landscape position, with the top part of it is written the type of scholarship. And then it is followed by the name of the receiver in smaller size of font comparing to the previous one. There is also a brief of sentence which emphasizes the receiver. Mostly this scholarship certificate would be decorated in the most beautiful way so that any receiver can be proud with himself because of this achievement. It also increases the values of them especially when they graduate from school or college. They would easily get a good job when they submit also this certificate. This is because most of job interviewers would appreciate anything from us, any good things that we could offer to them. Using this certificate, you would find good job easily. That is another function from scholarship award certificate.

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