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World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football League and Prediction Game Spreadsheets


World Cup 2022 is coming. Qatar, country where the tournament is held, will become the center of millions football fans around the world. Millions are watching from their TV or live streamed matches from Internet. Others will fly to Qatar to watch their teams circling to 8 stadiums around Doha.

All World Football Leagues must take unusual break. Why? Because, for the first time ever, the tournament is not being held in its traditional summer spot of June and July. Instead, it will be held in November and December 2022. 

It is due to intense summer heat in June – July in Middle East Asia where it is impossible to any teams play competitive matches within those traditional period.

Those circumstances made football leagues around the world to adjust their schedule to accommodate their players to join their national teams.

Now, it is time for me to start finding schedule, team stats and prediction game spreadsheets to accompany me watching the biggest football tournament in the world.

If you are a football fan, then you might have ever played prediction game. Or, you always do that in each World Cup tournament. 

It is fun, isn’t it?

You took a guess who would win particular match Your friends also did similar things. Then, you and your friends compare the prediction to find out which ones get their prediction matched with the actual results.

It should be easy, but the ball is round. There are always surprises. That’s what make prediction game is a fun game. No matter how the analysts say or how stats speak, there is no guarantee that the superior team will win against the inferior teams. Fields is different from papers.

You can find several ready-to-use spreadsheets in internet, and I found 3 of them that fit my need.

World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football League Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is close to fantasy football league where you can organize players, set your game scenario, set your own points and monitor players standings. You can call it World Cup predictor game or office pool. I think they are about the same.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football Game

Based on the author information, this spreadsheet has been used by more than thousands people to organize their prediction game for more than a decade. If you are new to this, you can read short description about this spreadsheet. Furthermore, you can go to the bottom of this post to download the free version directly. It has evolved from the simple score prediction game into a feature-rich prediction game where any people can customize it to fit their prediction game scenario.

Start customizing it by selecting the suitable game scenario, one time prediction game or round-by-round prediction game. One time prediction game allows the organizer to manage the game easier since they just collect and write prediction one time before the tournament is begun. Furthermore, they can apply bonus points to players who fall to those criteria. What about the Knock Out matches? How are they organized? Knock Out matches will follow pairing matches yielded from player’s predictions. It will probably be different from actual matches. And, that’s why the bonus point should be useful to compensate incorrect pairing matches.

Round-by-round prediction game means that the organizer need to collect score prediction by round. This type of game should fit you who like to predict scores for any actual matches.

To understand more about this World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football League spreadsheet, you can download and simulate the game by yourself.

World Cup 2022 Simple Prediction Game Spreadsheet

If you are looking for the more simple one, you can consider using this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows you to predict score or match result only. Players get points if their predictions are correct, either scores or match results. Yes, there 2 models of these spreadsheets you can choose. And, no other points are given. No bonus points. No extra points for any other criteria. One single point is awarded to player who predict the game correctly. There is a little point variation, multiplier point that you can apply to KO rounds.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Simple Prediction Game

Try the free version of World Cup 2022 Simple Prediction Game below.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Spreadsheet

By reading its title, you may already know how the spreadsheet will work.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

Yes. You predict winning team in each rounds (there are 7 rounds) where you cannot pick similar team in each rounds. If your team is lost, then you are eliminated. And, the winner is the last man standing. Try the free version of World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing spreadsheet below.

I believe those World Cup 2022 Prediction Game spreadsheets above are the best predictor game spreadsheets you can find in internet where you can use with Excel or Googlesheets to accompany you watching the tournament and play fun game with your friends and relatives.

Have Fun.

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